Antananarivo Miblaogy 5 – When I Met The Bloggers

Well guys, I don’t have (anymore) much to say since there are already detailed and nice reports – in three languages please :)- made by the other bloggers out there. When I knew it and decided to attend, I didn’t really know what to expect. When bloggers meet what they are likely to talk about and do? The only thing I was sure of is that it would turn around virtual things lol. I was wrong!

I’m sorry to snatch one of your photos ariniaina but I don’t have a good enough group photo :p

It was not the first time I met all of them. I’ve already been a couple of times on the ground with Avylavitra and met Jentilisa during the eBit 12. The same for saveoursmile. DotMg, I saw him at the BarCamp but we couldn’t have a talk. And we didn’t either last Saturday lol. In fact, we left the Phi Quest Café at about 6:30pm when other bloggers arrived. I could meet the “Godfather” :p Barijaona 2 or 3 months ago but I wish I could know more about his experience as a senior blogger. The day before, I attended a new media workshop with Tattum, Elsifaka and Tony but I didn’t know who they were exactly. I just knew they were from Telomiova. I would say that these are the first-time-I-see faces for me there. They are from Telomiova if I’m not wrong.

The most interesting part for me is no doubt when they shared their experiences during the on going political crisis. The difficulties bloggers have to face when they are on site. And me, I was like a kid doing what I think I’m best at … listening, laughing and snapping some shots 🙂

Hope to see you soon guys.