Monthly Archive: September, 2008

The Town Hall, the Reconstruction Will Start Soon

The reconstruction of the Antananarivo‘s Town Hall will start soon and is scheduled to be achieved in about a year. The companies that bided for the works recently did a site visiting to… Continue reading

86% of The Kids Go to School in The Vakinankaratra Region

An enrolment of 86% in the region of vakinankaratra has been reached the last years but still the public schools face major difficulties – Moov(fr). The figure is somehow high and it does… Continue reading

And if Madagascar Used Nuclear Energy

Have no fear for atomic energy cause none of them can stop the time And if Madagascar used Nuclear Energy. I know it sounds crazy but I see it as a long term… Continue reading

Rain Is Here, Where Is Your Swimsuit

“I’m singing in the rain …” Yep the rainy season is near and it’s already raining cats and dogs every night. FS (frankly speaking) – like we’re used to saying between ICE guys… Continue reading

Workshop With Foko Madagascar

When ICE Club meets FOKO for a Workshop on Media Citizenship with blogs Since the day we met with Jogany some of us were all excited about this workshop. I even know someone… Continue reading