Ebit 12, the 2008 Edition

ebit 12 the Show

At the Apple Stand

The Apple Stand during the ebit 12

I don’t know why I felt no excitement when thinking of this year’s edition of e-bit may be somewhere I already knew (before going to the show) what it was going to be up to. I was there during the Youth Day (Friday Oct.17) over most of the afternoon and noticed the hustle inside our national “Palais des Sports”. I whish it was 10 years ago, the time I felt the same way like these kids (almost) running between the stands with their friends and classmates wowed by every single gadget.
In fact, I wondered what was it that I was looking for during this event given that I’d probably know most of what would be there. I mean, the e-bit has become edition after edition a kind of “Grande Braderie” where the goal is to sell the maximum of products but not to transmit knowledge or to discuss more important issues. This is where the BarCamp is much more interesting (a personal view point).
So I was just strolling in there amidst the youngsters with my homie moma – who could buy a memory stick at a lower price than usual – in a hope of finding a MacBook Air. Since I heard that Apple would have its own stand I had that idea stuck in mind. Unfortunately, they didn’t have it, I had to content myself with a sweet explanation of one of the Mac hostesses. I quickly get bored, we made a 360° tour of the show in less than 45 minutes. Thus we decided to go back to the other side of the “Palais des Sports” where the activities (or should I say interactivity) were more … present.

Foko made the difference at ebit 12

FBC giving a help to a bunch of enthousiastic and curious kids at e-bit 12

FBC giving a help to a bunch of enthousiastic and curious kids at e-bit 12

Watching is good but using and getting involved is better. Foko Madagascar – with some other associations – made the difference through the workshops, presentations and demonstrations they gave. Despite the problems they had planning and organizing things – in fact I didn’t know it until I read a post from far far away on it – they did a great job.
The big room was divided into different areas where different sorts of activities were held. The FBC had no rest the whole afternoon, we had not enough connected PCs to match the kids who wanted to create their blogs or email accounts. While TheFinalAndLastKill and Co were taking care of the students and their blogs, saveoursmile attempted a risky presentation on web 2.0 lol. I say risky because the audience were very young, too young that I bet sometimes he must have wondered “what the hell am I going to say” lol. Pakysse, for his part, didn’t let the mic go far if he was not yelling (on the mic ahh) :p at the new comers to show them the room’s map he was answering questions during the presentations.
ESSVA students in communication from Antsirabe and member of FBC, did a good job too. With a well geared team – digital cameras, camcorders … – they had been interviewing, shooting and recording all along the event.