My 2 hours of BarCamp Madagascar

As Andry and I walked up the stairs to the room where the barcamp was held, we had noticed a note on a white board on “what you should do at a barcamp”. Before reaching the main door I could already hear someone taking the floor, I stretched my ears and got them wide open, then I heard something like web2.0 (and puppy linux 😉 ). Oh my God, I got to see that presentation I said to myself. We entered the room but there were no more seats, it was full. No time to idle, Jogany asked me to record an excerpt of each presentation. I put on my FOKO t-shirt :p and tried to spot enough room for me and my bag close to the speaker.

A lot of people attended the barcamp and most of them were … bloggers. This was an opportunity for me to see some of them that I only knew by pictures through blogs like avylavitra, DotMg or Jentilisa – who talked about the Global Voices Online and released a book containing what he’s been writing as a blogger since 2006. Crazy!! It must be a 200 page book! I also met old friends that I started to miss, right Fy ( 😉 , Ndria from e-saina (when will we play bball again man, you seem to have put on weights ahhhh nahazo takolaka lol) and how can I forget mister VoIP himself, Iantra (connectic), I’m so sorry bro I couldn’t attend your speech. Ah, yeah I was about to forget, the foko blogger’s from Tamatave, Mahajanga and Antsirabe were there as well, a part from the ones that I already met during the foko workshops I could recognize among them Diana and Patrick.
I couldn’t talked much though, I was most of the time behind my camera juggling with recording and shooting pictures (as what all the FBC’s members were doing when they were not live blogging), trying to have the best of my 256mb memory card. Ain’t easy.

I paid much more attention to Haja’s presentation on “Why Madagascar hasn’t got yet its IXP?” Ok, so this guy is a real geek. He’s the administrator of the .mg domaine, a member of AMUL and also works for Orchid Systems. He raised a serous issue that should be put an eye on. To simplify and not to enter into details, an IXP is a connection point of two or several ISPs. This way, if two people living in Madagascar sending each other emails won’t be obliged to use satellite anymore. That means, the connection won’t go out side Madagascar if it is between local users. Not only can this idea help us save hundreds of millions of dollars but also improves the speed rate of the local connection. His part took more than the granted 5 minutes – yeah the attendance wanted more and was totally  curious about it. Pakysse was obliged to intervene and suggested to discuss it in the afternoon.
The 2 hours passed so fast, the time I realized my memory card was full it was almost 1:30. I had to leave L. I loaded all the photos and videos I had on foko’s laptops.

My impressions
The mood and atmosphere struck me the most. It was warm, relaxed and fun. Just like between old friends and family members – nothing really formal. Plus you are tagged with your name once you enter the room so that anybody can know you. That eased exchanges a lot, raised undiscussed issues that may concern everybody and helps new ideas and concepts to see the light.