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CNTEMAD, 15 Years of Distance Learning in Madagascar

The National Distance Learning Center of Madagascar (CNTEMAD) celebrated yesterday the opening ceremony of its 15th anniversary. Officially set up in 1992 after a decree from the Ministry of Education at the time.… Continue reading

Bibliobus, a Malagasy Travelling Library

We talk a lot about the lack of means, the difficulty kids face when going to school and have a basic education. Then I saw this, a library mounted on a truck and… Continue reading

Wash Your Hands With Soap

Ebit 12, the 2008 Edition

ebit 12 the Show I don’t know why I felt no excitement when thinking of this year’s edition of e-bit may be somewhere I already knew (before going to the show) what it… Continue reading

86% of The Kids Go to School in The Vakinankaratra Region

An enrolment of 86% in the region of vakinankaratra has been reached the last years but still the public schools face major difficulties – Moov(fr). The figure is somehow high and it does… Continue reading