Violance Of Security Forces To Civilians On The April 23 Protest In Madagascar

In this video taken by a simple civilian they beat a passer by and wanted to harm the one who’s shooting the video. Thanks for sharing theloveofmada.

What’s going on?
Only a man can do that (she referes to the roadblock that has been set)
… we didn’t catch him
We got one!
Beat him!
Beat the f*ck him up!
Beat the f*ck him up!

That’s enough … (the lady taking the video)
He’s setting up roadblocks!
What do you want to do with your roadblocks?

Let him alone now
Where are the others?
Don’t take pictures!
But I don’t take pictures
Hey turn this off!

This mistrust of photos and videos taken by simple civilians started to show weeks ago with the bad expiriences some Malagasy bloggers and twitteres had with security forces.

I won’t say much because this picture speaks for itself. It was taken during yesterday’s protest (Apr. 23) at  Ambohijatovo and put on Topmada then tweeted by pinguin_mada.

A soldier with a gun aiming at civilians during a protest in madagascar