Monthly Archive: March, 2009

Razily, The March 28 Hero

I saw this video on Topmada and thought it would be good to share it. He is called Razily and he is considered as the hero of that day. You can join this… Continue reading

Saturday Mar.28, A Long Long Day

Malagasy young people strongly represented during the rally. I could not attend the rallies during the week days so I can’t tell if there were also many young Malagasy who joined the legalists.… Continue reading

It smells revenge …

Have you ever been in a situation in which you didn’t think of what you were saying? You were just carried by your ego and pride and suddenly things you should have not… Continue reading

Protests Against Andry Rajoelina Power Takeover

There were spontaneous protests last Saturday to strongly condemn Andry Rajoelina power takeover and the role the mutineers had in it. I won’t talk much about what was going on there because The… Continue reading

By The Way, The (soon-to-be) First Lady Is Not Bad Uh!

Mialy Rajoelina would be at the #1 spot of my top 5 of the most beautifull Malagasy First Ladies. In fact, we have not had that many lol. This is when they visited… Continue reading