Ambatomanga – Part I

This is the first post of a series on Ambatomanga, a village located at 50 km from Antananarivo on the way to Toamasina.

We went there on a Saturday and got off at the post office at around 10 am. The thing that hit me first was it was quiet. We later knew that there was an important religious event that day.

The post office. It has the same architecture style as most of the houses in the village. I would have loved to see what was inside.

We passed by tte protestant church, an international monument, on our way to the rock from which the village took its name.

Ambatomanga is famous for its cheese. Too bad that day most of them were closed and we could see the process of making cheese.

The Public Primary School of Ambatomanga. There must be other schools in the village but I didn’t see.