Monthly Archive: January, 2009

Damages and Losses at 67ha and TVM/RNM Anosy

Photos of Citic Behoririka and Suprem Center , from twitter (Thierry)

Rush to Gas and Basic Foods

The population’s reaction didn’t wait long. Long queues at gas stations and local groceries are quickly forming. Wherever you go, soap, rice, oil, candles, butter are no more available at the few shops… Continue reading

Democracy or Anarchy?

I could not go home today, no buses. The strikers are on their way to MBS Anosipatrana after looting and putting on fire the TVM/RNM. They took all the facilities out and crashed… Continue reading

Same Script Different Cast

The current situation in Tana, which is really getting serious, reminds me that of 2002. When I went to work this morning, we could see the tension on people’s face. Nobody talks on… Continue reading

Wheel Cover Paradise

This stretches on a nearly 50 meter wall along the pavement. It’s a famous place for finding/buying wheel covers. You cannot ask where they come from though. The only thing you can ask… Continue reading