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Back To… TEDx Antananarivo

Back To… a quite surprising topic for me knowing what’s going on in the country now but why not, it’s now or never. Anyway, already looking at the speakers I’m saying to myself… Continue reading

Malagasy Oldies Songs

I’m probably getting old. In a sketch by a well know french humorist, Gad Elmaleh, he said that the symptom of “getting old” is when you listen to old songs and say “That… Continue reading

Antso Ho Anao – A Call For You. Rewarded Video For The Human Rights Day 2009 In Madagascar

Newly born R’n’B band Y-mar, Raboussa and Xtah uniting for human rights in Madagascar. Produced by the well known and directed by Tsila Andria. This video was rewarded by the United Nations… Continue reading

Song of the day : Havako mamomamo – Samoela

This Samoela’s song is from his ’97 debut album “Mampirevy” and it features singers Vero and Poupoune. The accoustic ballad talks about a girl whose lover is too shy to show his feelings… Continue reading

Definitely Michael Jackson has Fans in Madagascar

Malagasy fans paid a last tribute to Michael Jackson yesterday. They plan on going back to “Gare Soarano” again tomorrow (Jul.3) at 5:00pm. The cold was almost unbearable but it did prevent the… Continue reading