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What Is a Decent Work?

I could be one of them, queueing up – a long one that goes around the Carlton‘s parking and then along the fence just near the road – for about 2 hours under… Continue reading

Recovering little by little

Shops destroyed during the unrest of the past months are recovering little by little. By themselves or with the help of the government, I can’t tell, they are trying to shyly re-launch their… Continue reading

A Feeling of relief but …

I can’t deny the relief I feel now even though I know it’s not completely finished. A feeling that I’m sure I’m not the only one to have. I met some friends and… Continue reading

Rush to Gas and Basic Foods

The population’s reaction didn’t wait long. Long queues at gas stations and local groceries are quickly forming. Wherever you go, soap, rice, oil, candles, butter are no more available at the few shops… Continue reading

Stifling In The Dark

Last week the prices of the rice and the sugar hit a new high. In fact, we had observed an increase of respectively 10Ar (per can) and 100Ar (per kilo) on what we… Continue reading