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Malagasy Oldies Songs

I’m probably getting old. In a sketch by a well know french humorist, Gad Elmaleh, he said that the symptom of “getting old” is when you listen to old songs and say “That… Continue reading

Song of the day : Havako mamomamo – Samoela

This Samoela’s song is from his ’97 debut album “Mampirevy” and it features singers Vero and Poupoune. The accoustic ballad talks about a girl whose lover is too shy to show his feelings… Continue reading

Silo, Mafonja, Rolf and Groove Power Project Concert during the World Music Day 2009

When you happen to live these moments you wish you had tens of Gigabytes of memory, a life-time battery autonomy, super extra mega lens and tripodes. After enjoying the Carnival at the Independence… Continue reading

Song of the day : ABD – Zazavavin-drap

This is the kind of song that you listen to on Mondays to be in a good mood. Vitamine!!! The Zazavavin-drap is composed by rapper Bamb’s, Nah and Bug. They are not the… Continue reading

Song of the day : Mitsangàna Mitrakà – Anyah, Shyn and Tovo j’Hay

Stand up, Keep your head up I do like this song, the lyrics, the vibe it brings. It’s the first featuring between the three artists who are performing almost the same kind of… Continue reading