Elastic String Jump

A game played by most of Malagasy little girls (sometimes boys aswell, because we used to play it lol). Two people stretch the elastic string and the others will try to jump over… Continue reading

Light Spots

I was in Ambanitsena with my Father last weekend and took my sis camera to snap some shots. I took this one during a Fokonolona (people from a given village or place) gathering.… Continue reading

TEDx Antananarivo “Ideas for Women Cancer Control in Africa” in 15 Days

The 3rd edition of  TEDx Antananrivo will be held in 15 days in wich more than 40 speakers from 20 different countries will land here in Madagascar to “spread” ideas on how to… Continue reading

Some time before the sunset

In Ivato, few kilometers from the international airport at around 5pm.

It’s under the front seat Sir

Dusting off photos I took some years ago I found this one. It is a bus gas tank that was just under the front seat. We often encouter this kind of situation in… Continue reading