Poule des As, SEBAM routed BBCM and won the Tournament

The young wolves of BBCM (Analamanga) were no match for the much experienced SEBAM (Boeny) – who were without Dolin and Tan – during the Final of the first Poule des As. The… Continue reading

Wash Your Hands With Soap

How do Malagasy People Greet

Malagasy People are famous for their warm welcoming and respect of the Fihavanana (I need a longer reflexion to think of a possible traduction of this word). Among this is the way and… Continue reading

Chute de la Lily – Ampefy

3 years ago, during an outing organized by a local English Institute, I went to Ampefy (about a hundred kilometers west from Antananrivo) to visit the “Chute de la Lily” (or Lily waterfalls)… Continue reading

Ebit 12, the 2008 Edition

ebit 12 the Show I don’t know why I felt no excitement when thinking of this year’s edition of e-bit may be somewhere I already knew (before going to the show) what it… Continue reading