Tag “Why Blogging About Africa?”

Cool, I’ve been tagged by Jogany … I’ll keep it up then 😀 I want to see miracles, see the World change – Switchfoot Why blogging about Africa? I needed almost half a… Continue reading

Bibliobus, a Malagasy Travelling Library

We talk a lot about the lack of means, the difficulty kids face when going to school and have a basic education. Then I saw this, a library mounted on a truck and… Continue reading

The Hopital des Enfants on Fire Last Night

On our way to the bus stop at Tsaralàlana my sis and I passed by the Hopital des Enfants and saw mothers running out of there with their children, some of them really… Continue reading

Lapan’ny Tanàna, The Reconstruction Seems to Start

The CUA moves and wants to show their will to respect the promises and commitments stated during the last campaign for the town hall. The inauguration of the new park of the Marais… Continue reading

John Mayer – Gravity

I first heard of John Mayer during our weekly radio show when DagoMc introduced him as Jennifer Aniston’s Boyfriend. At the time I knew not he was a great guitarist and was several… Continue reading