Malagasy Hip hop Is Not Dead

Definitely we can’t say that this 2008 year was a Malagasy Hip hop tinged one. A lot of people like me wondered if it was dead, dormant or just quiet. Even though many… Continue reading

Tranofalafa All About Madagascar

I discovered Tranofalafa while looking for Malagasy Tales on the net. This is their About page. Our Goal Tranofalafa was founded in 2003. Our goal is to provide pertinent information about Madagascar and… Continue reading

CNTEMAD, 15 Years of Distance Learning in Madagascar

The National Distance Learning Center of Madagascar (CNTEMAD) celebrated yesterday the opening ceremony of its 15th anniversary. Officially set up in 1992 after a decree from the Ministry of Education at the time.… Continue reading

Iary – Modia Amin’izay Video Clip

Iary is at 22 years old the only representative of her gender in the Rock Malagasy World since Dillie faded away several years ago. She released her first album “D’Iary” in 2006 and… Continue reading

Amphibian Ballerina Shoes

It’s the trend for the ladies now in Tana. It’s useful, you can wrap it in a sachet and put it in your handbag or purse. It’s so flexible that it doesn’t need… Continue reading