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Recycling and waste treatment

A few weeks ago some friends and I went up to Andohalo‘s park for a monthly gathering of (all) English Clubs in Tana. The organizers, EFL, made a good choice because the park… Continue reading

A kind of déjà vu

People walking in fast pace in the streets. Traffics and cars that try to avoid downtown and do not care anymore about any circulation law. Buses that stack passengers with knowing they can’t… Continue reading

Women are not allowed to pee here please

Women are not allowed to pee here please. I saw this in the men’s toilet.

Mahamasina by Night

On this photo, taken from Andohalo, you can see on the right the Mahamasina Stadium which usually hosts all the important sportive, cultural and polotical events of the country. Just next to it,… Continue reading

The Lawyers’ Rally

Yesterday, lawyers in Madagascar – 700 all over the Island and 400 of them are in Antananarivo – protested for better conditions and more independence in their works. They stated that their claim… Continue reading