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Ebit 12, the 2008 Edition

ebit 12 the Show I don’t know why I felt no excitement when thinking of this year’s edition of e-bit may be somewhere I already knew (before going to the show) what it… Continue reading

Stifling In The Dark

Last week the prices of the rice and the sugar hit a new high. In fact, we had observed an increase of respectively 10Ar (per can) and 100Ar (per kilo) on what we… Continue reading

My 2 hours of BarCamp Madagascar

As Andry and I walked up the stairs to the room where the barcamp was held, we had noticed a note on a white board on “what you should do at a barcamp”.… Continue reading

Easing Tax Payment

The 2 month period during which you can pay your taxes without being penalised ended yesterday. It is once again a way for the government to encourage the taxpayers to pay their dues.… Continue reading

The Town Hall, the Reconstruction Will Start Soon

The reconstruction of the Antananarivo‘s Town Hall will start soon and is scheduled to be achieved in about a year. The companies that bided for the works recently did a site visiting to… Continue reading