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Rally fans

Place : Anosizato, Antananarivo – Madagascar Rally fans standing on a dike to enjoy the first day of the ASATANA Rally 2011.


A good place to dry the laundry by a sunny day. One of the few days without rain that week.

My Models

We went to Ambohibao last week to visit a primary school called “Aéro-partage” funded by the CorsairFly and took the occasion to pass by the Iarinarivo commune’s junior high. The kids were so… Continue reading

Malagasy straw bag and hat

A shot I took in the country side, I didn’t know whom they belong to but they were left on the window like this. One must know that Malagasy people are really good… Continue reading


A young girl snaping a shot with her mobile phone during a play at church.