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Mahamasina by Night

On this photo, taken from Andohalo, you can see on the right the Mahamasina Stadium which usually hosts all the important sportive, cultural and polotical events of the country. Just next to it,… Continue reading

Photography Workshop with Tibora Bea

Ever since I had my camera, I’ve always taken pictures using the “Automatic mode” or hide behind the “Auto adjustment” setting letting the gear do all the job to have quite respectable good… Continue reading

Malagasy B-boying has its Place in the Indian Ocean

Like the taggers, Malgasy b-boys have great potential but they lack supports and promotion. The only (frequent) scene that promotes b-boying in Antananarivo is the CCAC. The number of b-boys has drastically decreased… Continue reading

La Société Biblique Malgache (SBM) launched a Digital Version of the Bible for Mobile Phones and PMPs

I was nicely surprised reading a column in Midi-Madagasikara yesterday. La Société Biblique Malgache launched a digital version of the Malagasy bible(fr) (around 10Mo) that you can download at a relatively affordable price,… Continue reading

Definitely Michael Jackson has Fans in Madagascar

Malagasy fans paid a last tribute to Michael Jackson yesterday. They plan on going back to “Gare Soarano” again tomorrow (Jul.3) at 5:00pm. The cold was almost unbearable but it did prevent the… Continue reading