TEDx Antananarivo “Ideas for Women Cancer Control in Africa” in 15 Days

The 3rd edition of  TEDx Antananrivo will be held in 15 days in wich more than 40 speakers from 20 different countries will land here in Madagascar to “spread” ideas on how to control  Women Cancer in Africa. Frankly speaking, I’ve never addressed such a seirous issue in my blog neither any kind of health care related topic. Don’t ask me why lol. It’s then with a great pleasure and interest that I will attend this event.

Since I’m new to the topic, I tried to google it a little bit and what I discovered has nothing to be happy about at all. A friend just tweeted that with Heart disease, cancer is amont the top killers. Once we’re talking about “serious” health care issue, the “means” always come into play. What I’m hopping and expecting from the TED speakers is then preventive ideas. I guess “prevention” is also a part of “control”. I’ve heard that some types of cancer, those which originate from genes can’t be stoped (I still need confirmation from doctors) because I had an uncle who died from a liver cancer. His father and brother also died from cancer. So, I’m also eager to know how about these cases.

Anyway, the TEDx Antananrivo has a lot of expectations on it either from professionals in the health care field or from ordinary individual like me. You can visite the Facebook Fan page or the official website for more information or if you want to get in touch with the first responsibles.