The least I can do

Apart from the fact that illegal logging of precious woods is still going on in Madagascar the other thing that worries me is  people, at least here in downtown of Tana, start to take it for granted. Rosewood has become a joke on any piece of wood that we use in daily life. For example it is usual to hear bus conductors saying “Your rosewood Sir” while handing a wooded chair to a passanger.

This issue deserves to be put out of banality before it fells into oblivion but I personally can’t do much. Except, talking about it in a hope to raise more awareness. Last week on facebook, Martina shared a link on her profil. It’s an e-petition supported by the WWF to stop illegal logging in Madagascar, more precisely in its Eastern moist forest.

This video is among others out there that show it is real. And investigations have been made [fr], people have been put in jail but of course not the main responsables.

I take action now because I feel the need to do it and it’s the least I can do. I’ve not been active for the last 5 or 6 months and it’s a good opportunity for me to wake up. A lot is at stake.