Ikopa river seen from the bridge of Ampasika

Dry. We need rain. Everyday I pass by Ampasika’s bridge and take a look at the Ikopa’s level that is alarmingly decreasing. I took this picture in debut October in 2008 during still during the dry season – actually, we’re not sure anymore of the exact start of seasons[fr] here – and today as far as my eyes could reach the area covered by water has halved. People are going down farther to be able to wash their laundry and you could see the trace of the former river’s level onto the dike’s shore.

During this month of February which is supposed to be right in the rainy season the rain pourred only three of four times and the effects are felt in daily life like an unbearable heat and a stifling atmosphere. I had a talk with a friend last week and he said that one of his uncles in the country side is ready to sell his fields because of drought.

It’s funny, I wrote this post yesterday (but didn’t publish it) asking for rain to come and it did lol. I hope it will bring some fresh inspiration to me too 😀