It Was A Year Ago

As I’m reading my posts during that Monday January, 26 I still remember the ambiance while going home. There were few buses working so I had – not only me – to make it on foot. So I saw the TVM/RNM premises burning, I came across the looters in 67ha and people fighting each other on goods stolen from shops. And the rush to gas and basic foods that followed it.

As I expected, no HAT-newspapers talked about it today. Obvious. Yesterday, though, TVM said it would have a special session on this “Black Monday” but I don’t know if they kept their words or not.

If you pass by Anosy the builinds still carry the marks left by the flames from the broken windows and doors that day. It’s just heartbreaking and till now the main responsables of those horrible things are still wandering out there.