Eclipse You Said?

I heard of it yesterday on the bus. People said few words about it while mainly talked about the mourning of the Archbishop Gaëtan Razafindratandra[fr] who passed away last Saturday[fr]. Compared to the (total) one we had on June 21 2001, there wasn’t much buzz. In an interview on Allafrica a responsible of the Astronomic Observatory of Ankadiefajoro said people are more focused on other things and this one isn’t total thus doesn’t attract much attention.

Partial eclipse in Madagascar - January 15, 2010 by @irindra

This is a photo taken by @irindra who said he got help from friends and then sent on twitpic. This is my second eclipse and even if I was still young in 2001 I can say that they way we lived this 2010 one was quieter though the same uncertainty upon “should we put on special glasses to watch it” was still on people’s mind. A famous entertainer even said on radio he burnt a plate with a candle and used it. For my case, my friends and I just took a photographic film, you know the one we use at hospitals for radiography. And it worked fine. If you didn’t look up in the sky today you wouldn’t have noticed this eclipse. This is to say it did have visible effects on the light and stuff. It looked like any normal day.