Malagasy Oldies Songs

I’m probably getting old. In a sketch by a well know french humorist, Gad Elmaleh, he said that the symptom of “getting old” is when you listen to old songs and say “That is real music.” I agree. I like oldies songs and especially Malagasy ones. I remember the time when we had only one TV station, the TVM, that broadcasted music videos. I found it so boring at the time. They looped the same songs. It was only a couple of decades later that I started to (really) appreciate them. They have become like wine, time got them better. I’ve tried to look for some on video sharing websites and here is what I found. Enjoy 🙂

Mireille – Izy irery

This song must be familiar to your ears. Isn’t it? I can’t date when this song was released, whether it’s among the tens of  Without You‘s covers or not. When I asked people they couldn’t either say something sure. Her name is Mireille and was among the Malagasy Stars back in her time. Now, as far as I know, she’s singing christian songs. BTW, sorry for the bad quality of the video.

Feon’ala – akory aby andreo

Produced and founded by Charles Maurin Pôty, the band knew a huge fame in the 80s but has found a way to stay in the spot light over the years till today. Their last official album was Betina (with a hit of the same title) in 2000 (I’m not sure of this year). Two partcipants of the last reallity show “Pazzapa” were said to release another album[fr] last year but I don’t know if they did.

Ejema – Djarina Banou

A sweet ballad from their album Makoa Mena.

Sakelidalana – Voahangy

They mainly use traditional instruments plus guitars in their songs. The kind of music they play is called “bà gasy” which means “Malagasy rythm” but is mostly found in the capital city. The song is old but the video is not.

Jean Rigo – Namana

Kaiamba[fr], a rythm that was born towards the 70s from the costal regions of Madagascar. It started to come back early in 2001-2 and has known frank success till now.

Jeneraly – Ilay vehivaviko

A Malagasy rock band that knew its piece of glory. Their songs are  still often performed during cabarets or in karaokes. The real title of this song is “Na dia izany aza” but most of us know it as “Ilay vehivaviko”.

Music in general plays an important role in people’s identity and culture. Oldies are part of cultural legacy, they are traces left by artists who marked their times with their arts. In 20 or 30 years, I hope these songs won’t be forgotten and the future generation will still enjoy listening to them.