UFon – RTA Launches a User-generated Content Show From Mobile Phones

RTA, a local TV station that was one of the SMS voting precursors in Madagascar launched a new show which the audience will fully get involved in. They use the term “RTA 2.0”, something my friend Manantsoa does not agree with because according to him there can’t be direct interaction between the videos and the viewers, “How do we do to comment and rate them?” he asked . The principal of the show is simple, you record a short video from your mobile phone and then give it to RTA.

When I asked Kya about this new show she said that it could make us more creative. “It’s like your Facebook status” she said. “You’ll have to be creative to get comments on them”. I watched 3 videos last weekend, in fact their passing 2 or 3 each day – but in a slot of time I’m usually at the bus station – and resume all of them on weekends. And I was a bit scared. They can be called “creative” but I see it more as “violent”. Like a boy throwing himself into a thorny fence or in a channel of dirty water. In the third vid, a guy stood in the treet in a pile of tires and then another man came up, gave him a kick and got him crash on the ground. I say, wow, isn’t that dangerous? It can lead to something like the Jackass show. And as my little sister told us it has appeared as trendy in her highschool to perform self-injuring stunts.

Anyway, I just saw three and I can’t draw a conclusion based upon them to shoot the show lol. What could make  people feel reluctant to take part is maybe the procedure of submission, or let’s say the things you have to do before your video will be on air. Recording – that’s the easiest part – then burning it on a CD – we can still do that more over the price of a blank CD is affordable. The hardest part is no doubt the “bring it to us” one. It needs time, the RTA’s HQ is not in downtown.