First Three Posts

Talk about your first three posts, a game, let’s call it like that, started by Lova and which I was invited to take part in. Going back to my early days of blogging is a bit fun after unconsistently writing for more than a year.

My first post was Workshop with Foko Madagascar. Unlike some other bloggers that started with me I didn’t find a good introductory post and decided to skip the well known “Hello World”. I must say that I waited something like 2 days after the workshop to create my own blog because I thought I’d only post on the ICE website. But since the workshop introduced me to the world of blogging I thought it would be logical if my first post would talk about it.

My second post dealt with Rain. Actually, it was during the rainy season. I used to be wet going home for my umbrella wasn’t much of a help and now I’m already preparing my self to dry my shoes with my mom’s hairdryer… again. I tried also in this post to illustrate the daily life of Tana’s inhabitants during that season.

And If Madagascar used Nuclear Energy was my third one. Initially, I entitled it “What if Madagascar used Nuclear Energy”. At the time I’d only discovered a thin part of the Malagasy blogosphere – I’m keeping on discovering it – and didn’t know DotMG’s what-if. I saw the topic on a Malagasy discussion forum and wanted to put down what I thought of it.

So, I will choose 3 bloggers to keep it up. I’m really curious to know more about Tomavana‘s first posts 🙂 and the same goes to Lomelle and Ranjiva 😀