What Is a Decent Work?

I could be one of them, queueing up – a long one that goes around the Carlton‘s parking and then along the fence just near the road – for about 2 hours under a burning sun before entering the fresh hall of Carlton, filling out job application forms, going through eveluation tests, paying attention to advices given to me, attending conferences. And in some cases going out there with a simple hope of a call from a responsible of recruitment we met or talked with.

The “Salon des métiers” (Job Show), as I’m writing this post the show has drawn a lot of people. The newly 20,000 unemployed [fr] due to the crisis thiken those who were already looking for a job. This 2 day event was organized by the International Labour Organisation in order to help unemployed Malagasy people to find a job. When I was there, I saw young people, I guess they’ve just finished their studies and are ready to enter the world of work. Some are fresh from highschool and want to know what study to do to find a job that will allow them to convenably fulfill the basic needs of their family in the future. I could see older people as well.

In there, I saw the ILO’s poster with the motto “Promoting decent work for all” and I’m asking if the “decent” still counts among the ones in crucial need of  a job. The ones who are ready to take any work that passes under their nose because they have not paid their bills for 3 months and running into debts. I’m also thinking of what happened to my friend Ariniaina few days ago, the insecurity that reigns in Tana and in the suburbs, the impunity of the burglars in the day light. Anything is good as long as you can get money out of it. The meaning of “decent” or “respectful” has no more sens. “the end justifies the means” took its place.