Swine Flu in Madagascar, 207 Confirmed Cases and a School Closed

I wanted to write a post about Swine Flu two days ago after reading in a newspaper that more than 160 cases have been confirmed. If I remember well, the first case was found in August and then an important rise have been observed these last 3 months till we reached this figure[fr] (207 cases).

Even if the pandemic has touched upper class so far, the Government is making sure to take appropriate measures. A hotline was set up for people who want to have more information about the swine flu. There is also the high cost of the Tamiflu whose prices range from 86,000 Ar to 93,000 Ar (higher than the official minimum salary which is around 60,000 Ar ~ $30), an amount that the majority of the Malagasy people can’t afford. The daily Midi Madagasikara says that all the stock are done or already booked. The first school closed because of the swine flu in Madagascar is located in Isotry, it is a private one. The threat of the pandemic reaching a lower class is somewhat worrying. The difficult access to sanitary facilities and clean water to keep basic hygene will be a challenge for us to control the pandemic. As of today, the Swine Flu has caused no death, a positive point that I wish will stay as it is.