Afrobasket Women 2009 – Mali stumbled, Senegal Champion

Senegal holds its 11th African title

Senegal 2009 Afrobasket Women Champion (c) Ymagoo

Senegal 2009 Afrobasket Women Champion (c) Ymagoo

The Fiba Africa Women Chamionship 2009 ended yesterday with a final opposing Senegal and Mali. A final that never was when Senegal took an early 20pt lead and never felt threatened till the final buzzer. The Mali we saw yesterday was not the same as we used to watch and enjoy throught out the competition. It was a sort of revenge for Senegal because in 2007 Mali snatched the title in their homeland.

Madagascar sits at the 8th place
The last 10 days had been tremendous for the Malagasy basketball world. I guess either the players or the federation has drawn lessons from this event. Apart from the Jeux de la francophonie, this was the highest basketball international competition we hosted. This 8th place (2 places better than in 2007) does good to us even though we felt that we could have had a higher seed without an unprofessionalism and unfairness from the referees against Mozambique.

Individual Awards

Aya Traore MVP Afrobasket Women 2009 (c) Ymagoo

Aya Traore MVP Afrobasket Women 2009 (c) Ymagoo

I didn’t know much about players in Africa before we this Afrobasket. I knew they had higher level and had more players playing outside of the continent. When you watch Senegal’s ball handling, you know they’ve got experience beside the talent.
Aya Traore MVP. The Senegalese forward largely deserves it. She definitely contributed to the perfect  record of her team. Kani Kouyate, the Best Scorer (125 pts). She reminds me a lot of my favorite player, Allen Iverson. A kamikaze penetrating an opponent lign without fear. Attracted to the basket like a magnet. The only flaw I saw in her game is her shoot. The Best Rebounder is Djene DIAWARA. Mali’s center grabbed 72 boards. The award for The player who’s made the most 3pt shoots goes to the Malagasy team captain, Prisca Gouges RAZANANIRINA. The way she advanced to the center of the court we guessed she did not expected this one. The Fiba staff started to give the “Revelation” award this year in Madagascar and it went the the Malagasy PG Maiwenn Harihanta ANDRIAMILANDY.

Prisca - Maiwenn Andriamilandy (c) Ymagoo

Prisca Razananirina - Maiwenn Andriamilandy (c) Ymagoo

Madagascar won the Fair Play Award. This is so great. That means all the efforst of each one (staff, coaches, players and supporters) were not in vain. We, as fans and supporters, felt that our team deserved more but this is how the game is.

My MVP is Tahinjanahary Ange Rasoambolanoro

Ange Rasoambolanoro (c) Ymagoo

Ange Rasoambolanoro (c) Ymagoo

I say RESPECT. For me she deserves the MVP award as much as A.Traore because she has done amazing things for the team. The only difference is that those things did not bring victories. Her ability to create her own shoots or drive to the basket sets her among the best players in Africa to have an eye on. She is among the top 5 players in 3 different categories

  • 14.2 PPG (5th) with a total 117 pts (4th)
  • 3,8 APG (2nd) with a total of 30 ast (1st)
  • 2 STPG (3rd ex.) with a total of 16 stls (3rd ex.)

Final ranking

  • Senegal
  • Mali
  • Angola
  • Ivory Coast

Positive, this is the word that can sum up this championship for us. The next Afrobasket Women will be in Mali in 2 years. And I hope we’ll be there.

A last vid before ending this post. Semi-final : Madagascar – Mali 🙂