For me, for you, for us…

Today is the Blog Action Day about Climate Change, thousands of blogs are uniting to raise more awareness and put pressure on each individual and world leaders to take quick and apropriate actions. The fight is worthwhile since the future of our kids is at stake. I’m pretty skeptical on the direct impact of this online activism here in Madagascar but since blogging has once helped Baby Kambana, why wouldn’t it do the same for all of us. We want to tell the World as well that we do care.

I’ve read several posts about Climate change lately, direct effects on people’s day-to-day lives on their jobs and the area they live in. I do agree with the ones who say that we should start with oursleves. Ariniaina is never fed up saying “Be the change you want” each time we discuss social or environmental issues at our club. But it is not enough, we need more sensitation, we need to make people aware of what climate change can bring about and give them suitable options if needed. I’ll take a simple example. The bush fire and the charcoal. How many of the Malagasy homes are using coal and woods to cook? 80-90%? We just can’t afford other source of energy in the long term. And this is where higher responsibles should take actions.

This is a global challenge involving each one of us and we’ll do this for  no one but each one of us … and the future generation 😀