Afrobasket Women 2009 – Senegal remains perfect, Mali grabbed its 3rd win

I’ve seen a better Madagascar
The miracle did not occure. We didn’t expect one but we also didn’t think of losing by as much as +50pts (39 to 90). The Malagasy team was not a match for the Senegalese in the 4th day of the tournament. Senegal remains then at the top of Group A. “Self confidence”, we didn’t have it once we steped on to the court yesterday. We knew it was going to be hard and a win was out of reach but that should not have prevented us from playing a better basketball. It is so frustrating to see your team having a poor game though you know they can do better.

It seemed as if our players were lost, having no options and just leaned upon chances on both ends of the floor (28 turnovers). No fastbreaks, no shoots, we were waiting for one another to take responsabilities letting the Senegalese have a promenade on the court (5 players scored +10pts). At many times we slowed down our game instead of running to the basket, something we’re good at. It was not the same team I cheered in the previous game. Maiwenn and Ange stayed on the bench through the 4Q, maybe to save energy for the game against Mozambique.

Tiry, the most consistent of the Malagasy players, was doing her job (23pts) and was the only one who was hot. Belinda, had minutes and did everything but scoring. The ball didn’t want to go in.

We should be more united during hard times. I felt the frustration between the players as the game went on. Of course this is my point of view as a public but I say we surrendered too early.

Madagascar and Mozambique will fight for the 3rd seed in Group A today to avoid facing the #1 of Group B – which will be probably one of Mali, Angola or Ivory Coast – in the quarter finals.

Mali grabbed its 3rd Win. The defending champ had a slow start yesterday against Angola but catched up by appplying stifling defense that turned off Angola’s offensives. I don’t remember her name , she’s from Angola’s team, but she made the shoot of the championship yesterday when beating the buzzer from half court.

Note : Madagascar was supposed to host the FIBA Africa Women Championship in 1972 but could not because of the unrest at the time. This year, almost the same thing was about to happen. A problem of unpaid wages was evoked yesterday as the responsables of the stats claimed what was due to them. It is said that they had a talk to the Federation and everything has been settled.