A Silent Neighbour

It is weird how we sometimes don’t see something that is right under our nose. I open my window every morning without noticing this spider untill its web stretched out wide, so wide that it reached the top corner of my window frame.

Malagasy spider

I don’t know if this one belongs to the same species of spider that have been taken to make this beautiful golden cloth.

Photo credits AMNH/R

A rare textile made from the silk of more than a million wild spiders goes on display today at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

To produce this unique golden cloth, 70 people spent four years collecting golden orb spiders from telephone poles in Madagascar, while another dozen workers carefully extracted about 80 feet of silk filament from each of the arachnids. The resulting 11-foot by 4-foot textile is the only large piece of cloth made from natural spider silk existing in the world today.