There won’t be any change …

I was quite shocked  watching the news last night hearing that Manandafy Rakotonirina and Ihanta Randriamandranto were respectively condammed at 2 years and 6 months of emprisonnemnt. That once again shows the “Law of the jungle” situation in Madagascar. He is accused of threat to the safety of the state and identity usurpation when he built a government in parallel with the HAT’s one back in April after a brutal arrest. Rice grab, MP chases and so on. I won’t go saying the nonrespect of the Maputo I deal anymore. And they said they are trying to set up a real Democracy, they wanted to get rid of the dictatorship that once was in Madagascar. But tell me, aren’t they doing the same thing? Or am I blind and deaf? It was just talk, promises filled with empty words but once you have the power you do the same thing. Politicians are all the same and they won’t change anytime soon. What is the difference between that case and what they did when they self-proclamed they were in charge of the nation’s affaires and broke into ministries. They built a government as well while being in the street.

I’m sick of hearing “We must think of the highest interest of Madagascar and Malagasy people first in this crisis”. If it was the case we would have come out of the thing a long time ago. None of the 4 political parties do so and none of them can afford to say that they have the “people” behind them. It’s all about politics and I have the feeling that no matter the outcome of the crisis will be, we, people, we’ll always be the losers. I may sound pesimistic but there’s a high probability that the same system that favors those who are in power will remain.