A kind of déjà vu

People walking in fast pace in the streets. Traffics and cars that try to avoid downtown and do not care anymore about any circulation law. Buses that stack passengers with knowing they can’t take more people than the available seats. Passengers asking one another “Were you over there? What’s happening?” and “They said that …”. Tense atmosphere in a hustle to go home or at least get to a safer place. Any traumas? I’m sure if I were on site, I would recognize this special smell. This smoke that reaches your throat, gets you breathless and burns your eyes.

My bus line passes through the 13 Mai Square, a hot spot if not the hottest after the Ambohijatovo Park. And  this logical question asked to the conducteur before getting on the bus “Do you go till Analakely?”, “Yes, Sir.” Along the street you pay attention to any abnormal things, people gathering at one place, suspicious traffic, you to stretch your ears to over hear others’ conversations. You take out your mobile and try to call someone who’s supposed to be downtown to know if he’s safe and ask him what he’s witnessed. All of that recalls me bad things. Things that I’m likely to live again in the days to come.