Monthly Archive: July, 2009

BarCamp Abidjan in 10 Days

The digital gap between Africa and the rest of the world is significant but the encouraging dynamism of the African ICT actors deserves a little “tosika” (push or help). Fresh from the last… Continue reading

Foko Interview on BBC

This is an interview that features The Cyber Observer and myself (Pakysse was also present but he spent his time taking photos and recording videos) with Christina Corbett (BBC – IRIN) towards the… Continue reading

Foko Ushahidi and FrontlineSMS for an SMS Alert System in Madagascar

Ariniaina and I were supposed to present the Foko-Ushahidi platform during the last BarCamp but we lacked time. I’ll try then to write here what we’ve been through (here in Madagascar) to get… Continue reading

Barcamp Madagascar 2 : New Media, Crowdsourcing Information, Social Network and Online Censorship

Once again the second edition of the Barcamp Madagascar was a rich mix of personal experiences, knowledge, tools and ideas from people that are not automaticaly in the same world. If during the… Continue reading

Definitely Michael Jackson has Fans in Madagascar

Malagasy fans paid a last tribute to Michael Jackson yesterday. They plan on going back to “Gare Soarano” again tomorrow (Jul.3) at 5:00pm. The cold was almost unbearable but it did prevent the… Continue reading