Malagasy B-boying has its Place in the Indian Ocean

Like the taggers, Malgasy b-boys have great potential but they lack supports and promotion. The only (frequent) scene that promotes b-boying in Antananarivo is the CCAC. The number of b-boys has drastically decreased when I thought that 7-8 years ago you could spot groups of kids practicing their moves and having battles on each little plot of grass in public or school gardens. Now you rarely see that unless you pass by the French Cultural Center.

The “Terre A Tann Gascar”, a mix of the best Malagasy B-boys (Rudi, Luc, Jacques, Saya, Andy, Didi, Sergio et Michou), represented Madagascar during the last selection of the Battle Of The Year in March in La Réunion. They took the third place among 13 participants.

Here, most of the b-boys dance without music or one of them goes beatboxing for the dancers. They have no room to rehearse and use home-made protection gears. So when I heard that they grabbed the third place I said “Kudos guys!!”. That may bring the attention back to this HH‘s discipline that has faded time by time in people’s eyes and interest.

While we were queueing up for the Silo’s concert at CCAC, I could record a short video of a Malagasy B-boy.  I think he’s among the Street Fighters, a crew that had a representative in the “Terre A Tann Gascar”. They won a dancing contest organized by a local TV station one or two years ago.