La Société Biblique Malgache (SBM) launched a Digital Version of the Bible for Mobile Phones and PMPs

I was nicely surprised reading a column in Midi-Madagasikara yesterday. La Société Biblique Malgache launched a digital version of the Malagasy bible(fr) (around 10Mo) that you can download at a relatively affordable price, 10,000 Ar (about $5), till the end of August on either your mobile phones or your mp4 players.

What came first into my mind is “How does it work, is it easy to use and what kind of mobile phones can support the app?”. Because they didn’t get into details in the article. For example, how easy the searchs are? or can you bookmark or send excerpts (chapters or verses) by text  to someone? But I think one can use it anywhere but not at church. People would feel annoyed (and may be shocked) if they saw you taking out your phone while they’re opening their bibles. And worst, suppose you get a call.

Lately, the use of mobile phones by African mobile operators to provide innovative services has exponentialy increased. Like Zain Uganda and its Mobile Money Services where its customers will be able to send and receive money via their mobile phones.