Recovering little by little

Shops destroyed during the unrest of the past months are recovering little by little. By themselves or with the help of the government, I can’t tell, they are trying to shyly re-launch their business. In fact the former and the current administration pledged to give them help but I don’t know whether it has come to reality or not.

For the case of Courts, two of their premises in Antananarivo have lately re-opened their doors to the customers. I suppose they wanted to surf on the Independence Day buzz to find an ideal opportunity to take off again. However, scars of the past still remain on their walls.

Shopping centers in behoririka like Citic and Suprême Center are also coming up from the chaos they’d been in. The last time I passed by, some months ago, when I was looking for mobile phones for the Foko-Ushahidi project, the shop owners were already fixing and rebuilding.

Courts 67ha

Even if today, almost of the shops burnt at that time seem to get back up on their feet, it is not everyone that has found theirselves lucky to bounce back. The trading center for example, it has just become one big public rest room that stinks at 3m around. Fortunately, the CUA blocked the entrance and the surrounding of the block weeks ago but it was a bit too late. In this story, the commune is not the only one to be blamed, Antananarivo’s inhabitants also have certain, I mean strong responsability in taking care of the city’s infrastructures. Something we’ve still got to learn?

Trading Center after it was set afire (by Fanalana azy)

In these come-backs, I’ve noticed that the mobile phone sellers came alive quicker compared to the other ones who are doing other business. Then followed by the computer parts vendors.