Silo, Mafonja, Rolf and Groove Power Project Concert during the World Music Day 2009

When you happen to live these moments you wish you had tens of Gigabytes of memory, a life-time battery autonomy, super extra mega lens and tripodes. After enjoying the Carnival at the Independence Avenue of Analakely we decided to attend a concert scheduled by the CCAC for the occasion of this year’s World Music Day. One that I won’t forget anytime soon.

The artists that were programmed were a bit particular. Often seen in the Malagasy Jazz World, Silo and Rolf have a music and a sound of their own. Groove Power Project, the third performer of the night, was founded by a renowned Malagasy guitarist Miary Lepiera (who at a moment worked with the band Njava) and is playing something at halfway between beko (traditional chant from the southern part of Madagascar) and World Music.

Except GPP, both Silo and Rolf already have unconditional fans and the 300 avalaible seats of the CCAC were not enough. You gotta have open ears if you want to listen to them. I mean what they play is far from pop music. I guess that’s one of the reasons why their fans like them so much, they play what they want not what people want.

Rolf opened the show with his Salegy and Funk fusion. Huge! We see that they feel like home. He increased the heat with his track “Ianao irery no fidiko” after going on a jam with his bass guitar. One must say that the theater is not big and you have this feeling of intimacy with the performers. Which I find great, you can joke with those who are on stage. The second part was no doubt the most awaited one of the night. Silo and Mafonja came on stage and adjusted their instruments (keyboard for Silo and Valiha for Mafonja) within the public’s cheering and whistling. No much talk, they started to play and it’s just amazing. You let the vibe flow and you enjoy as much as you can.They capped their part with “mozika hampisy fanahy”, a song both co-wrote (see the second part of the video).

I wish I could take better-quality videos. My camera loses its focus every five secondes and that’s really annoying.

Groove Power Project closed the concert. I’ve never heard of them before that night but I like what I heard. Their lead singer, Fanja, had some appearances in singing contests in Antananarivo though, and released a video produced by Be Mozika. What impressed me much with them is the energy they bring on stage. I’ll try to upload a short excerpt of their performance next time.