Traumas from the Political Unrest

I remember in January when it all started with the famous “Black Monday”, the “chief Fokontany”, the first responsable of our neighbourhood called for an immediate gathering of all above-18 male from each home. We had to keep vigile. They said that when the messers came up they were used to whistling and make alot of noise. So during the night, when we kept vigile, we were like paranoid, we could hear whistles coming from everywhere. Sometimes we even laughed at ourselves because cricket suddenly sounded like whistles. Even a while later, each time I hear a whistle, my heart tended to beat faster. With a little back off, I realized I was more traumatized than I thought. I guess I was not alone.


The celebration of our “Independence Day” will come soon, on June 26, and it is meant to be the moment where kids play with firecrackers. I opened my Facebook on Monday and I saw on one of my friends status “I hate firecrackers, I don’t like these explosions”. That was not the first reaction of the same kind from people that I know. There was even one who said that there should not be firecrackers this year. I’m sure we can find more symptoms if we digg in more.