Rest in peace Safidy

On my way home last wednesday, I received a text from a Tolotra saying that Safidy, our old friend, just passed. The three of us used to be classmates for 4 years at school but part ways after highschool. I was kind of shocked. The last time I heard of him … was 4-5 years ago when I knew he got a scholarship in architecture and went to France.

I knew him as a smart, serious and good guy and I think he left this image wherever his life brought him. Last Friday, I was invited to a B-Day party and by chance the B-Day girl knew him and then we started to talk about his passion and talent for his job and studies. It’s always sad when death takes someone still at a young age and friend remains a friend no matter how long you have not seen him.

I’d like to dedicate him this song that surely will remid him of all the good times we had in those “tablie manga”.

May your soul rest in peace man.