Song of the day : ABD – Zazavavin-drap

This is the kind of song that you listen to on Mondays to be in a good mood. Vitamine!!!

The Zazavavin-drap is composed by rapper Bamb’s, Nah and Bug. They are not the first female rappers (and not the only) in the Malagasy Hip hop world but they have reached a certain level that deserves a respect.

The name “Zazavavin-drap” is a play on words. In fact, mermaid means “Zazavavin-drano” (zazavavy = girl, rano = water) in Malagasy and they changed the “rano” into “rap”.

Positiveo ‘zay ataonao

Be positive in what you do

PS : In Malagasy when you say “ABD” that means the alphabet. Watch out though, our alphabet doesn’t know “C, Q, U, W, and X”.