Malagasy Graffiti – Urban Tags seen at Antaninandro

We strolled around downtown last Saturday trying to find a cool place to eat “lasopy” (soup) after spending few hours at the Chill Out Café helping a friend to open his blog. Then we decided to go down to Ananinandro and came upon these grafffities on an aisle’s wall to Ampandrana.

Malagasy graffiti taggers are good. I know that because when we were still active I had the chance to meet and to talk to one of them. He’s called Sinto. We got in touch because he wanted help for promoting his works and we wanted content for our website. We discussed the main problems these graff writers encounter in doing their passion. “There’s no area here where we can express ourselves through our art.” he said to me. “It is also hard to find the spray paints and if you happen to find your color you’ll have to disburse quite a lot to have it” he added.

At the end of our talk he gave me a book in which he draws his inpirations. He’s good but unfortunately I’ve misplaced the few ones that I scanned (I’ll have to find them). During a Hip hop concert for example, the taggers wrote on a 5 meters long fabrique. They had no right to do it on the walls.

When we passed by we couldn’t met the owner(s). I just noticed the “Tanura” signature and I guess they are the authors.

[Update] Yeah, it was in fact Tanura‘s works 😉 You can see him drawing these tags in his blog.