E-Petition To British Government To Push For Restoration Of Democracy In Madagascar

An e-petition created by Daniel Austin for the UK residents to restore Democracy in Madagascar.

More details from petition creator

In March 2009 Andry Rajoelina, former mayor of the capital, unseated the democratically elected president and took power by force. This takeover violated the fundamental principles of democracy and Madagascar’s own constitution.

It is essential that the international community takes a firm stand against such behaviour. Allowing a violent coup d’état to be effective by recognising the new regime increases the chance of others attempting the same in future.

Rajoelina plans elections in 18 months. It is imperative that democratic elections take place as soon as possible, ideally much sooner than Rajoelina proposes, to install a credible Malagasy government.

Since the coup, armed criminal gangs have been quick to take advantage of the lawlessness, logging precious hardwoods in national parks & poaching endangered wildlife. Madagascar is a hotspot for biodiversity and this devastation risks causing irreparable damage, driving species to extinction & ruining Madagascar’s ecotourism industry.

You can sign up here. (Deadline : 21 April 2010)