A Fligth Over The Pochard Market Place At The end Of The Day

Pochard is the main market place in Antananarivo if we talk about anything (clothes, shoes, crafts …) except foods (vegetables, meat …). In our city, a market day correspondes to a specific market place like for instance on Thursdays you can go to Mahamasina and to Isotry on Saturdays. Unlike them, the Pochard is always crowded but it is most active on Saturdays.

The Mayor of Antananarivo at the time, Guy Willy Razanamasy, chose this area to move the sellers from the famous “Zoma” during the “Jeux de la Francophonie” in 1997.

These photos were taken at around 5:00pm. The sellers are packing up their goods and the market is emptying.