Gospel Show At Andohalo’s International Parish

Last week, a friend of mine kindly invited me to attend a gospel show his parish organized before the Easter Day. As it was on Friday I didn’t mind accepting. I also took the occasion to visit the newly rebuilt Andohalo’s park. I heard a lot about it but had never been there since its reconstruction. I took a little time to walk around the park and take some photos before getting in.

A gospel show at the International Parish of Andohalo

It’s been the seconde time I attended a “Choral Arc en ciel” performance. And I’ve always been enjoying it. They are good. The show was a bit like musical, the story of the last Days of the Christ till his resurrection. Many songs were interpreted, most of them were Malagasy ones but the Choir finished the show with the well known “My life is in your hands” of Kirk Franklin.

The "Arc en ciel" Choir of Andohalo

But that was not it. My evening was not yet finished. We sat on a bench at 2m from the main exit of the church so when everybody goes out they pass just in front of us. That was when I saw her and I can confirm what I said in on of my previous posts 😉