Monthly Archive: March, 2009

A Feeling of relief but …

I can’t deny the relief I feel now even though I know it’s not completely finished. A feeling that I’m sure I’m not the only one to have. I met some friends and… Continue reading

Trash Is Piling All Around The City

Last week-end, I went with some friends to Analamahintsy and took this occasion to snap some shots along the streets. But it happened that my cam was attracted by the trash that is… Continue reading

Concern About Malagasy Journalists Caught Up in Political Turmoil

Reporters Without Borders today expressed its renewed concern after five newspapers stopped publishing and several journalists were threatened and physically assaulted during the political upheaval of the past few weeks. The media has… Continue reading

Will This Lead To a Civil War?

We don’t know anymore who to believe in, rumours are running fast, they’re spreading at the speed of light. Confirmations and denials arrive at a high debit from either side. I’m on twitter… Continue reading