Protests Against Andry Rajoelina Power Takeover

There were spontaneous protests last Saturday to strongly condemn Andry Rajoelina power takeover and the role the mutineers had in it. I won’t talk much about what was going on there because The Cyber Observer finely reported it with cool pictures and Ariniaina did the same. I just may add few points.

Ravalomananas supporters at Ambohijatovo Park

Ravalomanana's supporters at Ambohijatovo Park

The rallies were not well organized and pretty scattered all around the capital. While the main protest was held at the “Place of the Democracy” at Ambohijatovo some others were held outside of the park down in Analakely (CCAC) and a bit farther from downtown along the “route digue” (dike). These are the common points of these protesters: they all condemned Andry Rajoelina power takeover, they also disagree with the way (some) militaries – explicitly the mutineers- were involved in what they all consider as a Coup. They also would like have a real Democracy. There is a last one, “we do not want to do politics” – a principle that changed as the days go by.

The thing that made the rallies to not come together is they don’t share the same convictions and point of view besides the common ones. Most of the people gathered at Ambohijatovo clearly showed their support for Marc Ravalomanana. The rest stands in the middle and wants to be neutral and that’s all. They want to have their choice respected. “If it is a real democracy it should pass by the ballots” a lady said. “He was elected as the Mayor of Antananarivo, not as the President of the whole country” she added. “I’m wondering if Madagascar still has men of honour” a friend said concerning the mutineers. “I’m ready to go in the streets and share pamphlets if necessary. We can’t just be watchers and let it happen like this” he added.

As I said above, all of the rallies were spontaneous. Everything was planed as they went. For example at Ambohijatovo, they managed themselves to have a sound system and set it up. But with just a day of sensitization it was a frank success and it would not be a surprise to see an increase of the protesters by much large numbers. Today civil servants (not all) from some ministries joined the rally.

The Uprising

Sunday Mar.29, 2009 is thought to be a key moment for the Pro-Ravalomanana movement as it will be the rememberance of the 1947 insurrection to free the Country. They will jump on this event to attract more people. The FJKM will organize a mass at Mahamasina stadium this day to be united and to pray for the country but already believers and leaders from the FJKM churches don’t share the same idea. Some see it as political use of religion to bring Marc Ravalomanana back.